Unique Investment Opportunity!

A spectacular land plot of 858 hectares is for sale, located in Chitra, Veraguas, Panama. This property is situated in an unparalleled natural environment, bordered by the Barrero Grande River. It offers a mixed geography that includes plains with sparse vegetation and stretches of Caribbean pines. Additionally, it features several typical hills of the region, as well as rivers and waterfalls that enhance its natural beauty.

Main Features:

  • Area: 852 hectares
  • Location: Chitra, Veraguas, Panama
  • Geography: Mixed, with plains, Caribbean pines, hills, rivers, and waterfalls
  • Boundaries: Bordered by the Barrero Grande River
  • Vegetation: Sparse in the plains, with areas of Caribbean pines
  • Climate: Perfect, ideal for various activities and projects

Development Potential:

This land is ideal for a variety of projects due to its location and natural features:

  • Agrotourism: Perfect for developing tourism projects based on agricultural activities and nature contact
  • Tourism and Hiking: The diverse landscape and the presence of rivers and waterfalls make it ideal for hiking trails and ecotourism
  • Livestock and Goat Farming: Ample and suitable spaces for livestock farming
  • Energy Projects: The geography and natural resources allow for sustainable energy development
  • Crops: Suitable land for diversified agriculture

Natural Environment:

The land offers an immersive experience in nature, lost in the immensity of the mountains. It is a place where you can enjoy tranquility and perfect climate, surrounded by impressive landscapes and the region’s biodiversity.


For more information and to schedule a visit, please contact us. Don’t miss the opportunity to acquire this natural gem in Chitra, Veraguas. Make your project a reality in this earthly paradise!

Property Features

  • Panoramic view