Buenaventura Real Estate

The most exclusive beach and golf community in Panama.

About Buenaventura

Located in the town of Farallon just 90 minutes west from Panama City, you will  find  one of the most charming and exclusive areas on the Pacific coast. You and your family can enjoy luxurious amenities and fill your days with memories that will last a lifetime. Here you will find a Nicklaus Design golf course, equestrian club, hotel and spa, restaurants, shops, and much more.


Neighborhood Pricing

In Buenaventura you can find luxurious oceanfront homes, condos, and lakefront villas starting at $350,000 to over $3 million. All the properties have access to The Buenaventura Golf & Beach Resort hotel and all its amenities.

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Buenaventura Neighborhood Guide

Located in a tropical setting with extensive green areas surrounded by lush trees, each residence is a masterpiece planned to provide the best lifestyle and comfort that can only be experienced in a gated beach community. You will find amenities for the whole family in Buenaventura – shopping, restaurants, ATV’s and 4-wheels, 18-hole golf course by Nicklaus Design, and a private marina.

Our Favorite Buildings in the Area

Puntarena Ocean Village
Laguna Buenaventura
Laguna Buenaventura


Buenaventura is a family oriented gated community where everyone’s safety comes first. With 24/7 security, residents can feel at ease. One of the ways this is achieved is with the use of MUNILY, an app for everything related to the management and administration of communities. It permits better communication between the residents and the Buenaventura security team.

Public Transportation & Walkability

Buenaventura is located only 90 minutes by car from Panama City. Once there, due to its size and proximity to everything, residents prefer to walk. If not, they use their ATV’s and golf carts as the ideal form of transportation. All drivers must be at least 16 years old and have a valid driver’s license. Buenaventura is also well connected by the Pan-American Highway to other towns such as Penonomé and Coronado, with regular bus routes throughout the day.

Shopping & Groceries

Inside Buenaventura there is an array of stores that sell everything from bikinis to fine wines. Head over to Felipe Motta where you will find a variety of liquors, wines, beers, charcuterie, a variety of breads and deli foods, among other delicious treats.

The Super 99, the leading supermarket chain in Panama is just 5 minutes from the entrance of Buenaventura. They provide a variety of quality products and services with added value at reasonable costs.

Buenaventura Real Estate


Buenaventura offers its residents the Wellmed Clinic with a staff of certified doctors providing an efficient service for the several treatments they offer, among them general medicine, antiaging medicine, nutrition, VO2 Max, and cryotherapy.

Just 30 minutes from Buenaventura there is the San Fernando Hospital & Clinic. This is the first private hospital in the area offering premier medical services, including radiology, clinical laboratory, specialist consultations, electrocardiogram, emergency room, and pharmacy.

Hotspots & Hangouts

In Buenaventura you will spend your days like nowhere else.
  •         Buenaventura Golf Club: Have a unique golf experience in this 18-hole course by Nicklaus Design.
  •         Grand Deli Gourmet: In this cafeteria and delicatessen you can flavor delicious empanadas, various breakfasts, a wide variety of coffee, sandwiches, and snacks.
  •         – Dunas: The newest addition in Buenaventura is this exclusive beach club where you can relax during the day and party during the night. Here you can find food trucks, unique cocktails, and lots of fun with direct access to the beach.
  •        Las Cuadras: An equestrian stable with 39 stalls that houses different horse breeds: Creoles, Andalusians, Arabs, and Friesians. Some of these horses are for rent and others owned by residents.

Our Favorite Restaurants In The Area

Who Lives in this Area?

Since the Covid-19 pandemic and the opening of The Creating Center school many affluent families have moved to Buenaventura with their children. The Creating Center is a school that uses subject matter as a learning tool along with the Edmentum International Curriculum. Buenaventura is the ideal community to raise young children surrounded by nature, the beach, and the great outdoors. It is also the perfect place for retirees where you will find a large community of highly successful expats. With the 18-hole Nicklaus Design golf course, gastronomic experiences, and other invigorating activities such as horseback rides, spa sessions, and sunset walks along the beach, it is the ultimate neighborhood for your next home.
Buenaventura Real Estate

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