Summer Adventures in Panama: Beaches, Rooftop Bars, Festivals, and More!

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Summer in the tropical paradise of Panama unfolds a symphony of sun-soaked beaches, vibrant festivals, and lively rooftop bars. Panama’s summer occurs from November to March, which coincides with the cold North American winter months. Panama has something special for everyone to do this summer, no matter if you’re a beach bum, a golf aficionado, or a festival enthusiast. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of our favorite activities.


  • Head to the Beach – Grab your bathing suit and sunblock! Panama boasts a diverse range of beautiful beaches along both its Pacific and Caribbean coasts. Here are a few noteworthy beaches to consider:
    • Buenaventura: Start your summer adventure in Buenaventura, a coastal gem that has a pristine white-sand beach and a luxury resort. Indulge in the azure waters of the Pacific, unwind in the Corotu Spa, or play a round of golf on the 18-hole course by Nicklaus Design.
    • Playa Caracol: For those seeking tranquility, Playa Caracol is a secluded paradise. Immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance, take long walks along the shoreline, and witness breathtaking sunsets.
    • Contadora: Escape to the Pearl Islands, a haven for beach lovers. Due to its stunning beaches and fascinating marine life, Contadora is a weekend getaway to some of Panama’s wealthiest individuals. All the beaches house white sands and turquoise waters reminiscent of the Caribbean.


  • Sip on Tropical Cocktails – Dive into the cosmopolitan allure of Panama City at one the many rooftop bars that offer panoramic views of the city’s skyline. Watch the sunset over the Pacific in Capella Rooftop in the historic district Casco Viejo or delight your taste buds at Mai Mai in Costa del Este. Each rooftop bar has its own unique charm and character.


Mai Mai Rooftop


  • Tee Off – Panama is home to world-class golf courses. This summer it will host several tournaments including the Latin America Amateur Championship (Jan. 18-21) and the Korn Ferry Tour Championship (Feb. 1-4). Whether you’re a golf pro or just looking to enjoy a relaxing round, there is a course for every golfer. Head over to our blog Attention Golfers: The Top 5 Golf Courses in Panama for more information.


  • Festival Extravaganza – Immerse yourself in the rhythm of Panama’s music scene with the annual Panama Jazz Festival (Jan. 15-20). Let the smooth tunes and vibrant performances captivate you. The Boquete Flower and Coffee Fair (Jan. 11-21) is one of the most popular Panamanian activities during the summer. Lose yourself in the wide variety of flowers, savor local products, or enjoy live performances. For beer enthusiasts, the Micro Brew Fest (Feb. 2-3) is a must-attend, featuring a diverse array of craft brews and lively atmospheres.


  • DANCE! DANCE! DANCE! – Panama’s Carnivals (Feb. 10-14) are a burst of energy and color, reflecting the rich cultural tapestry of the country. Join the lively parades, witness traditional dance performances, and partake in the festive spirit that sweeps across the nation during this vibrant celebration.




Panama in summer is a sensory feast, offering a perfect blend of sun, sea, and urban delights. Whether you’re lounging on the beaches of Contadora, sipping cocktails atop a Panama City rooftop bar, or dancing in the streets during carnival season, Panama promises a summer so memorable that you will want to call it home. If you do decide to stay, House Hunters Panama offers a wide variety of luxury properties available for Sale or Rent. Pack your bags, and let the adventure begin!



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