An exclusive oceanfront community filled with astonishing skyscrapers

About Punta Paitilla

Along the oceanfront, Punta Paitilla is among the most exclusive neighborhoods in Panama City. It’s walking distance from Punta Pacifica and San Francisco. In the Punta Paitilla area, you can find various supermarkets, restaurants, shopping areas, hospitals, clinics, and home improvement stores.

This oceanfront neighborhood sits on the peninsula with plenty of high-rise skyscrapers and upscale malls. Today, this area has become a labyrinth of streets with surrounding apartments that tower up to 70 stories high.


Neighborhood Pricing

With stunning direct ocean or skyline views, Punta Paitilla offers an array of condos and lovely family homes to fit your budget. Depending on the size, property type, and location, prices can range from $185,000 to $2,000,000 plus. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious three-story Paitilla house or an exclusive Penthouse suite, there are many options.

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Punta Paitilla Neighborhood Guide

Besides the remarkable display of skyscrapers, Punta Paitilla also offers a pleasant green space for recreational activities for playing with children, walking the dog, or a morning jog. 

Many residents of Punta Paitilla can be found delighting in Paitilla Park, which is full of rolling hills, green spaces, and family-friendly activities. 

As for shopping, Megapolis Outlet Mall is just a short 10 minutes away, where you’ll find eateries, clothing stores, and entertainment options.

Many kosher markets, restaurants and synagogues make this neighborhood popular among the Jewish population. And due to its central location, Punta Paitilla is a quick commute to Avenida Balboa, Punta Pacifica, and the rest of the capital’s attractions. 

Our Favorite Buildings in the Area

The Towers
The Towers
Sea Point
Sea Point
Ocean Front
Ocean Front
The Point
The Point


Because of the high-end residential building and coastal geographic location, Punta Paitilla attracts sophisticated and well-civilized people. While Panama as a whole is one of the safest countries in Latina America, the neighborhood of Paitilla is especially safe. 

With many fine dining options just minutes away, residents can feel comfortable walking on the streets or raising their families in this part of town.

Public Transportation & Walkability

Getting around the area and other neighborhoods nearby is relatively easy. 

You can enjoy the beautiful coastal walks on Avenida Balboa or Avenida Italia, where you can enjoy the shops or ocean views. 

Along the Avenida Balboa road, you’ll find various bus stops where you can also travel to other neighborhoods. 

Of course, there are taxis, Uber, and bikes you can also choose for transportation. 

Wherever you’re looking to go, the neighborhood Punta Paitilla is well connected and close to the most populated areas of Panama City. 

With access to Corredor Sur, residents can easily drive on the tollway that goes directly to the airport and provides a convenient way to reach the Costa del Este area.

Shopping & Groceries

There are a variety of shops and malls available in Punta Paitilla. 

Within the area, you can reach the very popular Megapolis Outlet Mall and Plaza Paitilla Mall. Here you find a variety of clothing shops, banks, pet stores, health and beauty services, souvenir shops, and more. 

As a resident of Punta Paitilla you can visit the brand new Pacific Center, where you will find a stellar cinema, a theater, kids stores, coffee shops, ice cream shop, restaurants, banks, stores and you will even find Marriot’s hotel, The Residence Inn.  

In Punta Paitilla you will have a variety of supermarkets you can choose from. Super Kosher offers an array of Jewish and other ethnic branded foods if you’re looking for cultural brands. Organica is a grocery store that sells organic foods and vegan-friendly options. Super 99 and Dely K Market offer an array of produce, meats, spices, and snacks, giving you all the essentials. 



Punta Paitilla hosts some of Panama’s best hospitals and clinics. 

There are all-encompassing hospitals such as The Panama Clinic or specialized clinics like the Centro Odontologico Paitilla Clinica Dental Panama for dental services. 

Receiving access to pharmaceutical products will just be minutes away. Pharmacies like Famacias Metro, Farmacias Arrocha, and Farma Plus are within walking distance from the household goods or medicine that you may need.

Hotspots & Hangouts

Punta Paitilla offers a variety of attractive dining, entertainment, and tourist activities for everyone to enjoy. Here are several highlights you should know: 

  • –  Paitilla Park: Located centrally in the neighborhood, this breathing space is a popular hangout spot for families to take their children or pets, getting a workout or walking on a rock path by the ocean to take in the sunset or sunrise. 
  • – Bal Harbour: A popular plaza for Punta Paitilla residents and other neighborhoods alike, due to its well known stores ranging from the popular supermarket Foodie, the clinic Laboratorio Fernandez along some modern clothing stores such as Stravaganzza.
  • – Panaviera at Ocean Sun Casino: Living in Panama feels like a staycation, especially when you have access to Ocean Sun Casino. You can play poker, slot machines, and sportsbook betting. There’s even a pool bar, which is perfect for date nights or special occasions.

Our Favorite Restaurants in the Area

Who Lives in this Area?

There’s a diverse bunch of people living in Punta Paitilla. With the lavish skyscrapers and investment opportunities available, it certainly attracts many high-earning tenants. 

However, with various food supermarkets, synagogues, and kosher restaurants, it’s a multicultural hub that attracts all types of people, especially the Jewish community. 

Access to this exclusive neighborhood allows residents to network with other highly-successful professionals in their field. 

This beautiful neighborhood is also perfect for families who want a safe environment to raise and provide for their children.


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