El Cangrejo & Obarrio Real Estate

Two vibrant and eclectic neighborhoods in the middle of Panama City.

About El Cangrejo & Obarrio

Located next to each other, El Cangrejo and Obarrio are both bustling neighborhoods with upscale restaurants, hip cocktail bars, and high-end stores. While El Cangrejo is known more for its vivid nightlife, on the other hand Obarrio has the financial district and is recognized as a lively retail center.

El Cangrejo & Obarrio Real Estate

Neighborhood Pricing

As properties in both El Cangrejo and Obarrio are incredibly diverse, prices may vary. You can find large older apartments with great distribution starting at $200,000 for sale and $1,000 a month for rent. There are also new buildings with more amenities starting at $300,000 and $1,500 a month for rent.

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El Cangrejo & Obarrio Neighborhood Guide

El Cangrejo was founded in the 1950s and was considered the most modern and exclusive neighborhood in the city. Currently, it is an area noted for its contemporary architecture and abundant green areas and parks. Residents here enjoy hip bars, laid-back breweries, and busy casinos. In the Via Argentina street you will find global eateries, easygoing cafes, along with shops selling mainstream fashion.

Adjacent to El Cangrejo, divided by the main avenue Via España, is Obarrio. It is a bustling retail center home to the financial district and the upscale shopping center SOHO Mall, with big-name designer brands such as Bottega Veneta, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Louis Vuitton. It has an assortment of luxurious condo buildings and opulent family homes surrounded by lush greenery in the middle of Panama City.

Our Favorite Buildings in the Area

Vitro Loft
Vitro Loft
Van Gogh
PH Van Gogh
F&F Tower


Panama has been rated by the US State Department as the safest country in Latin America. As with any large city, precaution and common sense is always advisable. Overall, you will feel safe walking around to parks, stores, supermarkets, and restaurants in both El Cangrejo and Obarrio.

Public Transportation & Walkability

El Cangrejo and Obarrio are both located in the center of Panama City. Because of this there are many options of getting there, including the Metro. This is the newest addition to public transportation in Panama and Central America’s first subway. It takes passengers from Albrook on the SW side of the city near the canal, all the way into the suburbs, with 11 stops in total.

Once in the area, you can easily walk down the streets enclosed by royal palm trees and beautiful yellow Guayacan Trees. In El Cangrejo on Via Argentina street there are residential buildings, restaurants, bars, boutiques, pharmacies, clinics, and much more.

Shopping & Groceries

Obarrio is home to the exclusive posh shopping center SOHO Mall, where you will find luxury designer brands like Louis Vuitton, Rolex, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Bottega Veneta. Also in Obarrio, there is the Samuel Lewis street with multiple high-end boutiques and jewelry stores.

If luxury is not your thing, in between El Cangrejo and Obarrio there is Via España avenue with multiple outlet stores like Nike, Rebaja Moda, and Piex.

The most complete supermarket in the area is the REY, which was the first chain in Panama. It stands out for being the most innovative in the market offering an assortment of produce, meats, fresh vegetables, value goods, and more. For a more foodie experience we recommend Grand Deli Gourmet where you will find an array of fresh delicatessen meats and cheeses, specialty foods, and fine wines.

El Cangrejo & Obarrio Real Estate


The most complete clinic in Panama is MiniMed, which is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and a highly qualified medical staff focused on providing exceptional service. They offer medical care, laboratory exams, x-rays, ultrasounds, vaccinations, emergency care, and more.

The Pacifica Salud – Hospital Punta Pacifica is only 15 minutes from El Cangrejo and Obarrio. It is the only hospital in Central America affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medicine International. Physicians, surgeons, and other medical professionals are leaders in their respective specialties and aim to provide world-class treatment.

There is also a broad selection of pharmacies in the neighborhood, such as Metro Plus, Farmacias Arrocha, and El Javillo.

Hotspots & Hangouts

El Cangrejo and Obarrio are both cultural epicenters with fantastic nightlife, a diversity of restaurants, bars, hotels, and casinos.

  •         Parque Andres Bello: A garden in the middle of El Cangrejo where art festivals, mini-concerts, and social gatherings are celebrated. It is an excellent place to jog, play sports, walk your dog, and spend time with your family.
  •         La Rana Dorada: This popular brewery is in the famous Einstein Square, where there is an emblematic sculpture of Einstein’s head. On the menu there are 6 craft beers of different styles to choose from. There is always one in season that highlights local ingredients such as passion fruit, coffee, or chocolate.
  •         Sortis Hotel, Spa & Casino: In this hotel you will find everything in one place. Local and international gastronomy, the largest spa of Central America, an infinity pool overlooking the city, and a world-class casino.
  •         Teatro La Plaza: This theater shows local plays and musicals, stand-up comedy shows, intimate concerts, and dance events. It has the most modern light and sound equipment, double height, a large stage, and 180 comfortable seats.

Our Favorite Restaurants In The Area

Who Lives in this Area?

These two centrally located neighborhoods with a distinguished cultural identity attract many expats, locals, and artistic individuals.

There are many notable residents in the area known for their cultural, scientific, or social contributions. Among them are the physicist Bernardo Lombardo, the writers Pedro Rivera and Jose Luis Rodriguez Pitti, and the boxer Roberto Duran.

Due to its proximity to the financial district, Obarrio is home to many high-net-worth individuals such as bankers, lawyers, politicians, and entrepreneurs.

El Cangrejo & Obarrio Real Estate

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