One of the largest mixed-use developments in the Americas.

About Panama Pacifico

Panama Pacifico connects people, businesses, and nature in a sustainable environment with multiple economic benefits due to its strategic location. With 2,200 hectares of residential and commercial real estate and trails, bike paths, 5 international schools and an international airport – it’s a unique community located just 20 minutes outside of Panama City. It has a home for everyone, from cozy apartments to family-friendly estates.

Offering multinational companies’ special economic benefits and tax exemptions to locate their Latin American headquarters in the 58-hectare corporate park, Panama Pacifico has attracted large multinational companies such as Dell and 3M among others. Within the corporate park there is 350,000 m2 of office and retail space serving both the multinational companies as well as the 20,000 new residential properties planned to be constructed over the next 40 years.

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About Panama Pacifico

Neighborhood Pricing

This residential area offers a range of projects for houses and apartments with wonderful amenities that adapt to different budgets. You can find properties starting from $175,000 to $800,000.

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Panama Pacifico Neighborhood Guide

Panama Pacifico is a master-planned community with several neighborhoods and buildings: Explora, Mosaic, Nativa, River Valley, Woodlands, Imaterra, among others.

The homes are enveloped by 600 hectares of protected tropical forest, and there are plans for development on an additional five hectares to establish a park reminiscent of the globally renowned Central Park. Additionally, the community will feature a central hub named Cëntriqo, with a business center and various urban plazas offering restaurants, supermarkets, gyms, and a variety of stores.

Panama Pacifico offers its residents a quiet environment surrounded by nature. It’s perfect for those who want to escape the city’s noise. Residents have everything from trails and bike paths inside the community to different sports courts.

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With high-end residential areas, business centers, corporate headquarters, top schools, and its tropical forest surroundings, Panama Pacifico is easily the safest neighborhoods in Panama.

Since the community is a former U.S. Air Base, many security infrastructures are still around. In addition, Panama Pacifico has a 24-hour surveillance center (CSI) with help buttons throughout the community and can assist with all types of emergencies.

Public Transportation & Walkability

Panama Pacifico Blvd boasts a compact length of just 4.1 kilometers (2.5 miles), enhancing the neighborhood’s exceptional pedestrian-friendly environment. Residents can effortlessly reach shopping centers on foot, ensuring convenient access to amenities. Additionally, for those who prefer cycling, there are bike rentals available and a dedicated bike path for free movement within the neighborhood.

As an additional perk of the neighborhood, residents enjoy a complimentary bus service, complete with a dedicated app for added convenience. Furthermore, there’s a distinctive local alternative to Uber known as “MUVER,” which features female drivers available from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Internal trips within Panama Pacifico are budget-friendly, costing just $2.30. These diverse transportation options ensure seamless mobility within and beyond the vibrant neighborhood of Panama Pacifico.

Whether you prefer traditional taxis or app-based services like Uber and Cabify, getting around is both accessible and affordable.

Shopping & Groceries

Panama Pacifico offers a diverse and convenient shopping experience right within the neighborhood. Residents have access to Farmacias Arrocha, a one-stop destination combining a pharmacy with department stores offering a wide array of products, including personal care items, baby essentials, toys, gifts, ornaments, home and kitchen goods, pet supplies, and much more.

Additionally, Novey, a comprehensive hardware store, provides everything one might need for home improvement, all conveniently located in a single place. The neighborhood also features a Vet Clinic, ensuring the well-being of residents’ beloved pets. For practical matters, there’s a Mail Boxes Etc. service for secure mail courier needs.

For groceries and essentials, the Riba Smith supermaket is the best chain in the country that offers produce, meats, spices, beverages, and more.

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Locals and foreigners can access many public and private insurance providers with high-quality healthcare options, such as Blue Cross Shield.

You’ll find local healthcare facilities like The Panama Clinic, Pacifica Salud – Hospital Punta Pacifica, and Paitilla Medical Center.

Hotspots & Hangouts

    • – Brew Stop: The first “Craft Beer” Bar in Panama, with national distribution and direct representation of different US brands with more than 60 different references, a full menu of delights to eat, and cocktails worthy of the best mixology bar.
    • – Trillo Titi: This bikeway is perfect for mountain biking lovers with over 9 km of trails, slopes, straights, and curves surrounded by lush vegetation and tropical forest.
    • – Battery Murray Bunker: Built in 1942, this military installation served the Panama Canal as an anti-aircraft defense system. Today, it is used as a venue for events and activities for the entire family.
    • – Starbucks (coming soon): This world-famous coffee shop will be in Cëntriqo, due to be completed in 2024. Whether you’re searching for something to warm your mug, seeking new blends or exploring rare offerings, Starbucks is the right place for the best coffee.

Our Favorite Restaurants in the Area

    • – Nacion Sushi (Asian)
    • – El Asador (Steakhouse)
    • – Pizzeria San Marco (Italian)
    • – Entre Panes (Bakery)
    • – Ferretti Gelato e Caffe (Ice Scream Shop)
    • – Praia Fish & Drinks (Seafood)

Who Lives in this Area?

Panama Pacifica is home to young families, college students, investors, and business owners.

This diverse area houses some of the top schools in the country, such as Lycée Français Paul Gauguin, Howard Academy, Colegio St Mary, Magen David Academy, and others.

With so many business centers, schools in the community, it’s no wonder you’ll find a diverse group of people living in Panama Pacifico.

Who Lives in this Area

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