The Top 5 Brunch Spots in Panama City

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Who doesn’t love a good weekend brunch? We sure do! Panama City has a vibrant and diverse restaurant scene with a variety of excellent brunch spots that cater to various tastes and preferences. From trendy cafés with boozy bottomless mimosas (is there really any other kind?) to traditional Chinese dim sum locales (the best in Latin America according to Conde Nast Traveler). Just don’t settle for brunch anywhere! This weekend, when you roll out of bed bright and early (say 11 in the morning?), we hope you’ll head to one of these spots for brunch in Panama:

Café Lavanda:

Located in a quaint house in San Francisco, this charming restaurant specializes in fine pastries and desserts. They also offer an assortment of French inspired savory dishes from sandwiches, soups, salads, and an extensive breakfast menu available all day. Don’t miss out on their bottomless mimosas with a wide range of flavors or their lavender infused coffee.

Cooking Mamma:

The latest addition to the brunch world in Panama is this bakery and coffee shop also located in San Francisco. The modern space with neutral colors will transport you to a cozy environment where you will be able to enjoy fresh baked goods and brunch staples with a twist.

Blame Kiki:

Blame Kiki (2)

Blame Kiki (2)

This Italian restaurant at the Yoo by Phillip Stark located in Avenida Balboa has a lavish and unique vibe. Their Sunday brunch is unlike any other in the city. Here you will be able to continue the weekend party with a live DJ, open mimosas, and great food.


Known for its Hawaiian-inspired menu, Mahalo offers a unique twist on brunch with options like acai bowls, poke bowls, and creative breakfast items. Its beautiful garden in Casco Antiguo is the perfect place to relax with friends and family.

Lung Fung:

Definitely not your traditional brunch restaurant, it offers the best Chinese dim sum in the city, which has become the typical Sunday breakfast for Panamanians. Savor traditional Cantonese dishes such as shrimp wantons, siu mai, and steamed pork buns on circular wooden tables topped with Lazy Susans.

Lung Fung (2)

Lung Fung (2)

At any of these spots you are sure to have the best possible brunch experience in Panama City. Whether you prefer local flavors, a diverse menu, or aesthetic presentations; they all offer delicious food, good ambiance, and excellent service. Remember to tailor your brunch experience to your tastes, and don’t hesitate to ask us for the latest recommendations in Panama. At House Hunters Panama we are always on the hunt for the best places in the country, as real estate is much more than just selling or renting properties. Enjoy your brunch adventure!


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