The property is located on Isla del Rey, in the corregimiento of La Esmeralda, within the Archipelago of the Pearl Islands, a quiet and sparsely populated area, ideal for those seeking privacy and a connection with nature, while benefiting from logistical conveniences.

Lot Amenities
1. Airstrip in San Miguel:

– Runway Length: 580 meters.
– Proximity: San Miguel has a nearby airstrip, facilitating air access to Isla del Rey.
– Convenience: Allows for quick travel from the main city or other destinations.

2. Boat Service:
– Frequency and Duration: Regular boats reach Isla del Rey in approximately half an hour, offering a scenic and quick option.

3. Ferry Service:
– Frequency: The ferry operates twice a week, ideal for transporting vehicles, supplies, and equipment.

Natural Environment and Attractions:

– Landscape: Surrounded by crystal-clear waters and pristine beaches, with lush vegetation.
– Flora and Fauna: Rich biodiversity, with many marine and terrestrial species.
– Climate: Temperate and pleasant year-round.

Services and Facilities:

– Basic Infrastructure: The island has electricity, potable water, and telecommunications.
– Community: A small and welcoming community of residents.

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Property Features

  • Ocean Views
  • Panoramic view