Thriving Pineapple Processing Plant for Sale in La Chorrera

Unlock the potential of a thriving pineapple processing plant located in Panama’s La Cocobola region.

This comprehensive package includes the modern processing plant, sitting on an 8,135.69m2 lot, along with an entire company with established clients in the USA, Spain, the Netherlands, Aruba, and other locations. The sale encompasses state-of-the-art machinery, invaluable expertise, and a dedicated workforce, ensuring a seamless transition.

The MD2 pineapple variety takes center stage in the company’s portfolio, renowned for its exceptional sweetness, extended shelf life, and low acidity. Benefit from the pineapple industry’s significant growth potential and the limited players operating at a large scale in the sweet pineapple market. Secure your position in the international market by acquiring this turnkey processing plant and capitalize on the demand for premium MD2 pineapples.

With a high ROI, this investment holds the promise of substantial growth and profitability. Increase your ROI further through various business strategies, such as purchasing fruits from neighboring farms for processing and export. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to enter the thriving pineapple industry and build a profitable enterprise. Contact us today to explore the possibilities and acquire this thriving processing plant.

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