Investment Opportunity Pineapple Farm in La Chorrera.

Discover an extraordinary investment opportunity: a 20-hectare pineapple farm in the prized La Cocobola region of Panama. This attractive offer provides a solid foundation for agricultural success and sustainable growth. As each hectare produces an impressive 4.5 containers of premium MD2 pineapples annually and the demand for premium MD2 pineapples is very high, this investment is an attractive option to capture a larger market share.

Strategically located in the renowned pineapple-producing region of La Cocobola in Chorrera, this farm ensures efficient distribution and access to the global market. Embrace this lucrative journey into the booming pineapple industry and secure your position in the international market. Explore the possibility of expanding your investment portfolio by acquiring additional land or using innovative business strategies, such as leasing land from other farmers. Take advantage of this golden opportunity and reap the benefits of investing in one of the world’s most coveted pineapple varieties.

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