7 Interior Design Trends To Spice up Your Home in 2021

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To say last year was unexpected is an understatement, but one thing is certain, no one was really thinking if their house was trendy or not. We were more preoccupied with sanitizing, cleaning, and trying to stay healthy.  With the start of a new year and work from home still being very much a thing at least for the time being, many homes have experienced a change to fulfill people’s needs.
House Hunters Panama has noticed many people looking to move from smaller spaces to larger ones. Clients shifting from an apartment to houses with patios and owners started listing their apartments for rent and moving to the countryside or beach areas. Anything that would create or give back some a sense of freedom.
Based on all the major changes that went down in the world last year, designers started to see shifts from former decor styles and have identified new patterns as trends we will start seeing in homes in the coming months of 2021.


The days of open spaces are slowly coming to an end for many. “This past year we’ve been confined to our homes for work, play, and relaxation, and people have learned it’s tough for a home to play so many roles with no physical division of space,” says Mary Catherine Murray and Amanda Khouri, co-owners of Murray Khouri Interior Design
When your workspace has become your relaxation space, your workout area, your cooking space, and so on, it is hard to find some sense of control in your life. If you want to make some not-so-permanent-changes, try adding some dividers, rugs, curtains, and even lights to help you create different environments, and separate one area from another.
living room furniture near kitchen


Formal rooms like dining rooms and living rooms have started shifting to areas people can actually use. These rooms have become home offices, indoor gyms, crafting spaces, classrooms, meditation room, and more.

Let go of those chairs you never sit on. When you are spending most of the time at home, you want to make every inch functional for you and your family.


Gone are the days of all-white sterile environments. As we started spending more time at home, we realized white, fragile, and impersonal environment can feel cold. Start adding some color and personality to every inch of your home. Have some paintings around? Hang them. Want to add some cool stick-on wallpaper? Now is the time. Make your home really your own, after all with limited traveling and working from home, this is the place you spend the most time in. It should always make you happy.
gray sofa with throw pillows
Robert McKinley. “The stark simplicity of 2020 lent itself to a kind of placelessness. This is emblematic of a larger, global shift, but I expect that we will see a design that is more regional and place-based than ever—design focused on thoughtful, one-of-a-kind objects.”


Open shelving is part of the past. With staying home last year many people realized the minimalism trend wasn’t functional since we all started acquiring more things and buying in bulk to lower our trips to the stores.
Having storage and cabinets where we can place all our belonging is a good way to reduce the clutter and keep and our spaces organized and clean.


Mirrors and glass furniture conquered our homes for many years, but it’s no secret that those materials are fragile and lack functionality. As we spend more time in our homes, we will see more of an Art Deco and natural style at the home. Materials like rattan and wicker will start appearing in bigger furniture and statement pieces.
brown hammock near chairs and plant during daytime


Gone are the days of all black and white. Yes, a combination that was classic, elegant, chic, and all the rage in the past years. But as time goes by, people have realized that colors bring joy and happiness.
Start adding some color, different textures, mixing prints to your spaces. Maybe add a rug, a statement piece of furniture, paintings, chairs, placemats, whatever you want! It may bring a smile to your face.
white couch and white throw pillows
A good place to start is taking a look at 2021 Pantone Colors of The year Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Gray.


2020 was a BIG reminder that nature is so important to us. Not having the possibility to spend time outdoors has taken a toll on our mental health. Many people embraced it by starting their own gardens, filling their apartments with plants, and creating small balcony jungles, just to feel close to nature.
If you have not joined this trend already, now it’s the perfect time to bring home some plants. Plants give life to our spaces and they create calm and comforting environments. In no time you will see how they will make your home feel more vibrant, and you will feel so much better.
green plant on brown wooden table

These interior design trends can help you create a home that makes you feel an overall sense of happiness, peace of mind, and functionality.
If you’re looking to change your living space give us a call. In House Hunters Panama we have many properties available for rent and sale to fit different needs. Write to us at info@househunterspanama.com, text us through WhatsApp at +507 6678-4765, or call our office at +507 830-6020.

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