3 Ways to Reduce Stress While Moving in Panama City

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Moving can be one of the most exciting things we do in our lives, it represents new
beginnings and adventures, but at the same time it can be a daunting, exhausting and
frustrating experience. Between cleaning, packing, and loading up the truck to unpacking, cleaning and organizing again the process feels like moving from one home to another never ends.
The best way to reduce stress while moving is creating and executing a detailed plan.
Based on our customers experiences, below are a couple of tricks of the trade that will make moving a pleasurable experience rather than a dreaded one.

Choosing the right time of day

Plan the actual move for off times throughout the day. Moving companies are liable to charge higher rates during rush hour due to traffic and the entire process will take quite a bit longer.
Quick tip: If you’re moving into an apartment complex or condominium tower, make sure you have all your move-in scheduled with the building administrator so that they coordinate the elevators and access for your moving company. Failing to do so can lead to your people and furniture not being given access to the building.

Do your research

Look into your options when it comes to movers. They are not all necessarily one size
fits all. You’ll want one who has experience in long-distance moves. Knowing all of the
possible options and doing your research into each one will help you make the best
choice possible to avoid hiring a company that can’t provide you with the best,
smoothest move possible. Also, check to make sure the moving company is insured so that the value of your items being moved are covered in case of damage.

Budget accordingly

When it comes to moving, surprise expenses shouldn’t come to you as a surprise at all. Include a small buffer in your moving budget for unexpected costs that you did not foresee. Worst case scenario the move costs a bit more but you already planned for it, best case scenario the buffer you built into the budget stays in your bank account!
Moving doesn’t need to be such a stressful endeavor if you plan ahead. Once purchasing or renting your new home with House Hunters Panama, we will assist you with planning out your move and connect you with the right professionals that can make it happen. Contact us at info@househunterspanama.com or call us at +507 830-6020!

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