TOP 5 Experiences to have when you move to Panama City

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The Panamanian capital is a city that has everything.

From natural parks, museums, and heritage of humanity, to restaurants, bars, and clubs where you can spend a pleasant time.

If you are planning to live in Panama or if you are recently moved to this Central American city, we recommend that you live specific experiences that will make you fall in love with Panama City and make your adaptation period easier.


The Amador Causeway, also known as Calzada de Amador, is one of the main tourist spots in the country.
What used to be a road years ago that connected merely “mainland” with the small islands of Naos, Perico, and Flamenco; It is now a must for tourists and residents. The reasons?
You have the Biomuseo, designed by the famous Canadian architect Frank Gehry (yes, the same one that made the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, among many other buildings). A museum where each one of its exhibitions overflows stories of Panama from its social evolution as its vast natural biodiversity.
In the Causeway, you find a wide boulevard where you can go to exercise or ride a bike. And do not worry if you do not have one, in the place you will find bike rental businesses for all tastes and ages.
Other attractions that are worth noting are the restaurants, souvenir shops, paddle boarding practices and fishing spots.
top experiences you should have in panama city what to do in panama city before you move bicicle causeway amador house hunters


Did you know that Panama has more bird species (1002) than the United States and Canada combined? Many locals and residents do not do this and take for granted the natural beauties of the country.
Whether you are a loyal fan of bird watching or you have never done it in your life, you will love visiting the natural corners of Panama.
If you live or plan to live in Panama City, you do not have to go so far as to make bird sightings. Since you can visit the Metropolitan Natural Park, an ecological reserve of 265 hectares of vegetation, considered as the vegetable lung of the city.
It is estimated that more than 300 species of animals coexist in the park and it is the ideal place for hiking since it has several paths of different length and difficulty, which you can walk alone or with a tour guide.
For tourists, the general admission is worth $ 4.00, and you can buy it at the Visitor Center at the entrance to the park.
view from metropolitan natural park parque metropolitano house hunters panama city birdwatching trekking

View of Panama City from the Metropolitan Natural Park.


Officially known as the Panama Viejo Historical Monument Complex, this is another walk that, although you can live alone, it is better to go with a tour guide to learn more about Panamanian history.
After taking photos, listen to the stories about the sighting of the “South Sea,” the looting of pirates and subsequent burning of the first city on the peaceful side by the Pirate Henry Morgan; You can visit Costa del Este.
Costa del Este is one of the residential areas with the best planning in the city, which stands out as Headquarters of Multinational Companies, its shopping centers, and its extensive international gastronomic offer.

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Casco Antiguo is a historic neighborhood in Panama that every tourist visits just after arriving, for the beauty of its buildings where Italian, French, the Spanish and American architecture of the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries is mixed.
In addition to its museums, squares, cathedrals, and theaters; Casco Antiguo is famous for fusion cuisine, themed restaurants, bars, and nightclubs with a pleasant atmosphere where you can dance until dawn.
casco antiguo old quarter historic neighborhood panama city house hunters top experiences to do before moving
But not all the attractiveness of Casco Antiguo is within the streets of the old city, but it starts from the entrance, where you can find the Seafood Market, right on Avenida Balboa.

If you are looking for an authentic culinary experience, you have to go to the Seafood Market, which is one of the most impressive displays of seafood in the city with reasonable prices and nearby restaurants where you can ask for the fish you have just bought or also order from the menu.


It should be considered a sin to go to Panama and not know the famous canal. However, going only to the Miraflores Locks or the new Cocolí Locks is not enough.
To live the experience to the fullest and really know the magnitude and its history, you must do a tour within the same Panama Canal.
Many local companies offer different tour packages such as Gamboa Tours, Jungle Land Panama, Canal Bay Tours, and many more.
Take your time to choose the one that best suits your personality or what you want to do. Pick a full transit through the Panama Canal on a ferry, a boat tour to see flora and fauna of the canal and the Smithsonian Institute Island or just spend an afternoon fishing and kayaking in the waters of the Canal.
panama canal get tripmate boat tour thing to do in panama before moving expat life house hunters


If you are planning to live in Panama, it is vital that you have these experiences not only to better adapt to the local lifestyle and culture but because you will end up falling in love with this land of grace.

As our most recent tourist marketing campaign says …

Panama is not for tourists, but for lovers of culture, for historians, explorers and enthusiasts #VisitPanama

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