What you Should do Before Buying a Property as an Unmarried Couple

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The opportunity has come up and you’re planning on buying a property as an unmarried couple. You’ve been living together for quite a while (or planning to) yet, you’re not married (and not planning to), but you want to buy a property with your special someone because you love them and it’s a wise choice, whether you want to have kids, adopt a dog together, or simply because economically speaking it’s the smartest move.
So House Hunters Panama has taken the task of surfing the Internet for you to know WHAT THE OBSTACLES ARE for buying a property as an unmarried couple.
After collecting information from various sources such as Forbes, House Logic and Trulia (to name a few), we have selected THE TOP 2 ESSENTIAL THINGS YOU SHOULD DO before buying a property as an unmarried couple:
What you Should do Before Buying a Property as an Unmarried Couple


It may sound cliché, but the #1 obstacle when buying a property as an unmarried couple is communication. You don’t want to leave any knots untied.

You need to have excellent communication with your partner, and by excellent communication, we do not mean evaluating between a house or an apartment – that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
By excellent communication, we mean going deeper in the topic of buying a property, so both of you are well aware of what you’re getting into. After all, buying a property as an unmarried couple (or not) is a long-term commitment and a HUGE responsibility.

Here, the FIVE questions you should ask yourselves:

  1. What is our ability to pay individually and as a couple?
  2. How is our credit history? Should we do something to improve it?
  3. To apply for the mortgage loan, who will be the signer?
  4. How will we divide the mortgage payments and other fixed expenses?
  5. What will we do with the property if we end the relationship?

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Things happen and even though nobody starts a relationship wanting to end it, life takes life takes you to unexpected places all the time and today you might be all about the butterflies and the dream of a new home, yet tomorrow you don’t know. So be smart and protect both of you from the possibility of hurting each other in the future.

Find a lawyer and create a legal document of co-ownership to protect your interests and protect yourself against the breakdown of the relationship.
You may think: “but why should we expect the relationship will go wrong?”. Well, the saying says “It’s better to be safe than sorry”, so take the precautions for yourself and your couple before you become another sad case on Reddit or in real estate blogs.

“Love is in the air? Just make sure your purchase is strictly commercial.”



Even the Huffington Post at the end of last year made a publication of 2173 words on the subject. You can read the original article by clicking HERE.

Continue reading this article to know the highlights of this publication:

  • It is difficult to divide the costs 50-50 since both may not have the same savings and salary capacity.

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Still, there is no need to give up. Consider following in the footsteps of Evan Chung and Karin Fjellman (one of the couples who offered their testimonials to the Huffington Post), who bought a condo together in Chicago.
Fjellman, who had more in savings, contributed more money for the down payment, while Chung will eventually pay the difference in time and eventually become equal partners.

The written document MUST NOT only include “what happens if we split?”

According to Laurie Murphy, the consultant lawyer in the publication, other things to consider are:
What happens if one of the parties wants to sell and the other does not?
What will they do if one of the two loses their source of income and can not make the payments?
Who will inherit the part of the deceased?
So, be smart, be prepared and don’t let love blind you. If you want to buy a property as an unmarried couple and you have the possibility to do so, DO IT! A real estate asset is a smart decision whether you’re thinking long-term, maybe a passive income in the future, or maybe you just want to take the relationship to a next level, without necessarily getting married.
In the end, all that matters is that you two lovebirds are happy.
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