Features that Increase the Chances of Selling your Property

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Starting with a couple hundred dollars on a few things could increase the value of your house by a few thousand dollars”. – Jessica Gopalakrishnan with HomeGain

Fact: Real Estate is a big industry. With thousands of options available, it can be tough to compete. It´s a fact that in the real estate market there will always be better priced options or properties with similar prices and features as yours. Therefore, it is imperative that you make your property stand out amongst the rest.
The fact that you have some competition doesn’t mean that those properties are better, however they may be more affordable with an asking price in the thousands of dollars less than your property. So how do you compete with that?

To be a top competitor you have to WOW your potential buyers to the point that you diminish their wish to look at more options.

Why? It is very common to see buyers that are extremely interested in a property, but once they look at it they end up not taking it or leave without the same excitement they initially had, as there was nothing memorable about the property itself.
This occurs when potential buyers visit the property and discover details that become deal breakers. Some examples are outdated ceilings (like the popcorn ceiling), unkempt gardens, outdated window frames, outdated kitchens, or bold and personalized rooms.
In order for you to avoid detrimental details breaking deals, here is a small list of features that will increase you’re the chances of selling your property and hopefully help sell it faster than you expected.

Add trendy Lighting Fixtures

Whether it´s the light switches or lamps, try keeping a consistent and modern look amongst the entire illumination theme of your property.
Even if the potential buyer loves your property small details like outdated light fixtures can turn a buyer away. Often times the reason a buyer does not like your property is unconscious as they notice something they don’t like but do not know exactly why they did not like the property. Keep in mind that lights create ambiance and they could be a powerful tool, that if used correctly, can work to your advantage.


Replace Outdated Plumbing Fixtures

With so many minimal and modern trends emerging, many buyers are looking to fit in with these trends to attract a buyer. Finding an apartment with trendy or luxurious fixtures is not as common as you would expect. Scan a couple of properties and you will find that more times than not, the fixtures and faucets will be outdated. Replace the old faucets, showers and sinks to make your property stand out from the rest.

A touch of nature can’t hurt

Having plants around always makes us feel good and not necessarily just because they add ambiance. How could they not? The plants make us healthier as they do exactly the opposite than what our bodies do when we breathe: release oxygen and absorb the carbon dioxide, which makes the air fresher, and eliminate toxins.
Research from NASA has stated that efficient air cleaning can be accomplished with at least one plant per 100 square feet of home or office space.
If the investment property you are trying to sell is an apartment, don’t hesitate in adding some indoor plants through the house, even in the balconies!
Now, if your investment property is a house, then you have another opportunity to impress your buyers with the landscape. Invest in a good gardener or landscape artist, whichever you prefer and make your surroundings pristine.

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Offer them a Kitchen they can’t resist

Kitchens stand out as one of the more important areas in a home and could be a defining feature when selling your property. Think about it, this is an area where you eat, spend time with your family while cooking, it’s even the place you hang out at after a long day.
Buyers want modern amenities and they aren´t interested in renovations post purchase unless you are selling the property on the cheap. With a beautiful kitchen they can’t resist, they won’t be trying to bargain due to outdated features.
Depending on the size of the property, try giving the future owners of your property quality countertops, beautiful faucets, and enough space so they can install all of their appliances and move freely without stumbling.

Neutralize the Space for better visualization

Patterns and bright colors like greens, turquoises, light blues have been all the rage lately. Give your property a fresh coat of paint using neutral soft tones.
Why? When you list your property online, which is where most people will first see it, they have the power to pass through your listing and “say next” just because the particular color of a wall.
As we said before, your buyers will prefer not having to fix anything they don’t like. Instead provide them a clean canvas where they can envision exactly what they want.
Sherwin Williams has a useful tool for neutral colors, where you can look at the different options while also providing the color’s name or number, helping you save time when shopping at the store.
Investing in pre sale renovations can represent a significant increase to the property’s value therefore we recommend you evaluate your property thoroughly. See what it needs and think about what could differentiate it from similar properties for sale.
If you are unsure about what to fix or you don’t have a big budget, then compare your property to similar listings in the neighborhood to see what you are competing against or hire a real estate professional that can offer you some guidance and contacts about renovations.


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