How to Improve Your Living Space with Lighting Techniques

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There are many spaces inside of a home that have potential but we simply don’t know what to do with them, no matter how we décor it, these spaces always seem to be missing something. The problem you are experiencing could be lighting. Light can change the mood and feeling a certain space gives us.
We’ve all been in spaces where the light is just blinding or too dim and the only thing you can think of is moving from that space to a more comfortable one. There are many techniques you can add into your home to improve the vibe and atmosphere and make you fall in love with your home all over again.

Choose the right light

Before you start changing any lights in your apartment, you need to define the purpose of each room so you can be able to pick up the right light temperature to match. White light tends to be colder and illuminates spaces that require a lot of light like kitchens, bathrooms, and storage rooms. While yellow light is better for spaces were the mood needs to be more relaxed, like living rooms, dining rooms, terraces, entrances and dens.


Use energy efficient light bulbs

LED light bulbs are starting to pick up some attention as the go-to green bulb. In fact, industry experts are saying that LEDs tend to last longer than incandescent lights or CFLs. They come in many shapes and sizes (which is great to fit in different lamp styles), they give a more natural look and are environment friendly since they do not contain any mercury.


Stay coordinated

Try picking the same shade of light bulbs for each room of your home. For example, if you are going to add white light to certain rooms, then make sure that they are the same for all of the rooms that require it. This will create consistency and harmony in your apartment, while having a lot of different shades will make the home look messy.

Add scale

Table lamps are great source of light when you don’t feel like having the whole room illuminated. Adding a large lantern, a pendant or big floor lamp can represent that extra touch your room requires.


Add dimmer controls

Dimmer controls can be adjusted to obtain a certain mood you want to achieve. For example, having dimmer controls in your dining room allows you to have bright lights in case you needed the space to work in, and at the same time it can become a beautiful setting for a candle light dinner with your significant other or creating a cozy space to share with friends and family.

Use candles

Another great way to add ambiance to your home is by adding candles. Placing a small candle in bathrooms, stairways, entrances, terraces and den, also helps to set the mood of relaxation and warmness.

Lighten your entrance

Add a long lamp or a small chandelier to greet your guests. In this case you can opt to use warm tones since they create the cozy vibe you or your guest might want to experience when arriving into your home.

Place mirrors near windows

Adding mirrors near a window or across from it will significantly increase the natural light in a room. This little hack will help you make your rooms look larger and it will also create the illusions that there are more windows in a space than there really are.

Beautify your bathroom

Bathrooms are a place where we spend a lot of time. Whether it’s by getting ready or using it as a thinking room. It’s a private space and must provide the right lightning to make anyone who enters the room feel comfortable.


Use your wall space

Do you happen to have a small apartment? Don’t waste space by getting floor lamps or table lamps. Nowadays there are many designs available that can be hung on wall or ceiling and make your spaces look very chic.
The secret is to treat your lightning like a piece of furniture. There are many options to choose from since they come in different shapes, sizes, and materials.
When you go shopping for lamps and lights, keep in mind your furniture style and how it will match with the lamps you are purchasing. An excellent tip is to take pictures of the rooms you will be improving, so when it’s time to make a decision you will have the exact idea of how it will look like in that particular area.

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