Top Kitchen Gadgets Every Foodie Must Have in 2017

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Kitchens have always been an essential part of a home and new gadgets make cooking, cleaning and pretty much every task related to the kitchen easier.
A kitchen gadget may be a specialized tool used for the preparation of a single kind of dish or for performing one specific function across a variety of dishes.
The machines we keep in our kitchens allow us to make more of our meals, but at the same time they make the process of cooking easier all around. Homeowners are no longer restricted to simple gadgets and all modern kitchens can be adapted to suit your needs.
Most people, who want a good lifestyle, will agree that having modern kitchen appliances are not a luxury but a necessity.
Modern appliances that your kitchen should have cover pretty much everything, from egg cookers to a waffle iron. We will explore some of the best gadgets every foodie must have in their modern kitchen.

• Belgian Waffle Maker


The rotating Belgian Waffle Maker from Waring Pro churns out breakfast in as little as two minutes time, making it one of the fastest waffle makers in the market. The best breakfasts, brunches and delightfully different desserts start with a Waring® Belgian Waffle Maker.
Square or round, light golden brown or darker, crunchy waffles all have deep pockets ready to fill with fresh berries, syrups, ice cream or whipped cream.

• Cider Making Machine


Alchema is a home cider making system that turns fresh fruit into hard cider or mead in just 2 weeks. Give beer brewing a break and try cider making with this amazing gadget. It’s incredibly easy to make your own batch of cider: pick a recipe; add the yeast, fruit, sugar, and water; and then wait for it to be ready.

• Coffee Grinder


Discover the difference that freshly ground beans make to your coffee, with the Supreme Grind™ Automatic Burr Mill. The elegant brushed stainless-steel Cuisinart burr mill boasts 18 levels to grind your coffee beans, from ultra-fine to extra-coarse.
With an automatic stop, your beans are guaranteed to be consistently ground to the right grade, maximizing the oils, aromas, and flavors for a better cup of coffee. Grind enough coffee to make 4-18 cups, and store any remaining grounds in the chamber.

• Sensor Can


Never get your garbage can dirty again with a Sensor Can.
It opens automatically as soon as you get near it and stays open — an amazing perk when you’re taking out the trash. Sensor cans open immediately and automatically from any angle with just a wave of your hand. It’s a smarter, easier way to throw trash away.

• Digital Measuring Cup and Scale


The first ever of its kind, the battery-powered Taylor Digital Measuring Cup and Scale measures (and can convert) both weight and volume for dry and liquid ingredients. The most accurate measuring cup measures for precise results. Automatically converts 5 preset ingredients – flour, sugar, milk, water and oil – from ounces (weight) to cups (volume).

• Automatic Electric Egg Cooker


An electric egg cooker basically makes tube-shaped omelettes. Just beat your eggs, drop them in the Rollie, turn it on, and you’ll have perfectly shaped eggs for your next breakfast burrito.
New kitchen gadgets are developed each year as improvements in technology continue to improve how we live our lives on a daily basis. Many new devices for the kitchen work hand in hand with each other so when purchasing new gadgets try to buy the latest model to have all of the latest features keeping your entire kitchen compatible. It is important to use modern appliances that are energy efficient, designed well, and last longer like stainless steel.
The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in a home and often overlooked when it comes to technology. A good-looking kitchen with modern kitchen appliances can not only enhance the interior look of a home but also help you spend more time with family members and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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