How to Personalize your Apartment Without long-term Commitments? Easy to Follow Decorating Tips when Renting a Home.

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The moment we move in to our new apartment, one of the first things we think about is how we want to decorate.
The color palette for the walls, remodeling the kitchen, and hanging pictures on the walls are amongst the first things on our to-do list.
Decorating an apartment may seem especially difficult when you are renting, because giving it a personal touch can be hard due to the amount of limitations you can be given by your landlord.
However, there are many ways in which you can decorate your home, without breaking any of the clauses in your contract.
Big impact with low commitment decorating ideas back up the belief that living well is not just for homeowners. Here are some great options:


Customize your new home by adding some color. Usually, houses or apartments for rent are delivered to you with white walls, so the possibilities for adding color through accessories and furniture are endless.
You can always buy furniture in your favorite colors.
The more striking the colors are, the more life and vibrancy you will give to your home. Also, always keep in mind to use non-permanent methods to decorate the walls, so when you move out it won’t be hard to reestablish the apartment to its original state.
An alternative to nailing up frames and creating holes in the walls is to hang lightweight images attached with double-sided tape or adhesive hooks.
Custom vinyl decals are now more popular than ever and are replacing paint and wallpaper.They can be used to decorate any room in your home and come in an endless number of designs both premade and custom ordered.


Undoubtedly, one of the fundamental elements of creating an environment of comfort is lighting your home properly. Planned and well-executed lighting will provide that “homey” feeling that everyone aims to achieve.
The ideal lighting is of the natural kind. The sun, besides being a source of life, is the best option to lighten up your home in a natural, and much more cost-effective way.
This factor is as decisive for a home as it is its size, distribution and decoration. A well-illuminated house is always more inviting, comfortable and beautiful.
Finally, do not forget to add lamps, spotlights and LED lights around furniture and walls to accent your home.
If you are really into setting different moods in your home, think about installing a dimmer switch or multi-color LEDs.


A tall mirror that stands on its own can expand your space and “dress up” the room without the need of hanging or nailing anything to the walls.
Not only does the mirror make the room more elegant, a full-length mirror is quite useful to have in the house.
For a bigger impact, paint or gold leaf the frame, and do not be afraid to group a few mismatched mirrors together.


Having plants indoor not only helps keep the air and environment in your home clean, they also act as a quick decorating tool.
If you want functional decorations, look no further, houseplants are the perfect element for you. When researching types of plants to purchase, try to pick some of most well-known plants for your apartment such as Ficus trees, African Violets, and Succulents.
It is important to note that NASA scientists listed the English ivy as the number one best air-filtering houseplant, as it is the most effective plant when it comes to absorbing formaldehyde. It is also incredibly easy to grow and adaptable to most environments.
The English Ivy can be used as a hanging or a floor plant and is grown in moderate temperatures and medium sunlight.


Similar to a rug, curtains are a great way to add color without touching the walls in your home. The curtains play a fundamental role in any environment and are multi-purpose.
Curtains regulate sunlight and noise, create privacy within your home, and are the finishing touch to complete any room
Keep in mind that the type of fabric is the most important aspect to consider when choosing curtains.
Blackout curtains should always be installed in your bedrooms to regulate the amount of sun that can enter your room in the morning.


Playful pillows are one of the best ways to draw attention to a space without any long-term commitment. Choose wild pillow covers today and place them in new spaces tomorrow. You can also zip off the pillow covers and reuse the inserts in a new color scheme.
Renting an apartment is a temporary solution for some people and permanent for others. Renting does have its advantages and many people do end up living in the same apartment for much longer than planned.
The combinations and options are virtually endless to decorate your rental home without any long-term commitments. Play with one or more of the suggestions we just gave you to create a room that feels both elegant and snug and your place of peace.

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